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When not working in clinical practice in Forestville, I work at the Academy of Sport in Narabeen as a Sport Scientist.

The similarity between the two fields is that everything we do has to be measurable – so for example – if you come and see me in clinical practice with an injury or chronic condition – we do baseline testing so that we can measure where you are and then measure your progress. In Sport Science we measure speed,agility, power, VO2, flexibility etc and pass this onto coaches so training can be tailored around areas that need improvement or to train to further enhance strong areas.

In the lab at Narabeen – I took one of my sons to Quentin from Sports Lab Performance, to assess his gait and running. Having assessed my son myself, I just wanted to see what the equipment came up with. The system used is also used for gait training (learning to walk again after stroke or for people with Parkinson’s).

My son is hyper mobile – he has generalised hyper mobility which is the least severe forms. What the report showed is that he is weaker in his right hip – as you can see from the slight angle of the horizontal line.

This means that I have written him a program to specifically target his weak areas, which will also help to improve his running performance. Although he is 15, he has not yet had his growth spurt, so I will be using body weight or theraband exercises to gain the strength he needs. Having measured his baseline – we have somewhere to measure his progress after a 6 week strength program.

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