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Sue has been helping my son Jack who is 11 for about 6 months. In particular, Sue has been working with Jack to improve his running and his overall athleticism. In that time, I have seen Jack make fantastic progress and his running style is much more fluid and natural. This has helped Jack’s overall confidence when it comes to participating in school sports such as basketball and soccer. Sue’s program of exercises, which is specific to Jack’s requirements, is targeted and easy to follow. The fact that Jack’s sessions with Sue are gym based is an added bonus from Jack’s perspective as he gets to use lots of grown up equipment.

Rory, December 2016

Sue is amazing. The first person to finally fix my back pain after seeing GPs, four different physiotherapists, two chiropractors, a musculo-skeletal physician and a spinal surgeon.

Sue has a very down to earth, scientific, practical approach and, in my case, a prescribed exercise program and massage have finally allowed me to live without pain. I’ve been able to stop the painkillers and enjoy my children, husband and life again. I am so glad I found Sue and am forever indebted to her! I highly recommend Sue.

Kelly, December 2016

I have been undertaking exercise rehab with Sue after my 3rd back operation last year. I used to be in constant pain and only had limited movements. I am now living my life almost pain free due to Sue helping me build strength and using stretches to relieve pain . I can not talk praise Sue highly enough, if it wasn’t for her and her work I would still be miserable. I would recommend Sue to anyone who has an injury , recovering from injury or surgery.
Michelle, January 2016

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